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Software Package for 1D Geomechanical Modelling

Software Package for 1D Geomechanical Modelling

«Эiler™ 1D» Software Package is designed to solve 1D geomechanical tasks and allows to build a model of elastic and strength state around wellbore and a model of stress-strain state in the area around wellbore before and after drilling, enabling to identify areas of possible drilling problems and to provide recommendations for their prevention, as well as address individual production problems.

«Эiler™ 1D» Software Package is a part of multidimensional geomechanical suite «Эiler™»


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  • Source data integrity and quality analysis;
  • Log data petrophysical preparation;
  • Log-to-log and core-to-log correlations plotting;
  • Elastic and strength properties computation;
  • Pore pressure prediction and stress state analysis before and after drilling;
  • Safe drilling window computation and critical parameters diagrams plotting;
  • Reference well data interpolation to project well with no loss of vertical resolution.


  • estimate the probability of emergency situations during drilling, depending on the density of the drilling mud, orientation of a well and other model parameters;
  • assess the risks of wellbore area collapsing during well operation (for sand production forecast);
  • assess the risk of accidents for the fields with abnormally high reservoir pressure (AHP) and provide recommendations taking into account the development induced change in reservoir pressure;


  • density of the drilling mud and accident-prevention;
  • permissible range of effective circulating density, tripping speed limits for tool round-trip operations;
  • well logging during drilling;
  • optimal wellbore trajectory, including angle of entry, kick off point depth and rate of deviation change etc.;
  • optimal place for side-tracking.

Software package includes a wide range of tools:

  • Tools for import/export, visualization, editing and analysis of well and associated data;
  • Tools for data logging on petrophysical treatment;
  • Tools for wellbore trajectory computation;
  • Tools for computation and conversion of model parameters include:
    • Most complete database of library correlations (more than 250 published correlations added to the program database),
    • User correlations, build on the basis of a lab data,
    • User trends, made on the basis of cross-plot analysis,
    • Models of effective-medium theory,
    • Built-in scripting language for own correlations creation;
  • Geomechanical calculator that allows to perform calculations of any complexity and of any project data;
  • Model quality assurance tools;
  • Separate calculations for each lithofacie;
  • Reference well data interpolation to planned well with no loss of vertical resolution (data interpolation along horizons);
  • Pore pressure forecast through integrated alternate module for 1D basin modelling;
  • Controlled multithreaded computations;
  • Module of connection to mud logging stations;
  • Module of well-logging trace synthesis for geosteering.

Drilling Monitoring:

For real-time drilling monitoring «Eiler™ 1D» software package includes a switching module for connecting to mud logging stations, which allows receiving a certain set of parameters from the above stations at certain time intervals. The exchange is carried out according to the WITSML protocol through a server accumulating the parameters of mud logging stations in real time.

Графическое моделирование Eiler1d

Obtained data converted into «Eiler™ 1D» format, which allows updating the geomechanical model of the well, as the data becomes available, and promptly developing corrective technological measures aimed at predicted drilling parameters maintaining.

In view of the wide variety of mud logging stations equipment and the capabilities of a drilling company to equip BHA with telemetry equipment, the monitoring module is adapted and refined for a specific drilling equipment configuration.

Pore pressure modelling

Pore pressure model is based on acoustic logging, electric resistivity logging or d-exponent using Eaton, Bowers, Miller and other methods.

«Eiler™ 1D» software package allows taking into account the centroid effect within the deposit and calculating hydrostatic pressure in terms of the reservoir fluid salinity distribution, depth of the permafrost zone and ground water table altitude.

As an alternative technique, the software package has a unique function for calculating pore pressure based on basin modelling

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Minimum System Requirements:

Upon meeting below given requirements the Software Package will perform in full:

The product is run on: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC of official assembly;

Computing core: Intel Core i5 or higher;

RAM:16 Gb or more;

Storage system: including local hard drive, or external Data Storage System (SSD) or storage networking using SMB or similar protocol with an access speed of at least 6 Gbs;

Free space in storage system of 500 Mb for software package files, 1 Tb or more for project files, depending on computational grid the dimension and resolution;

Graphic subsystem: not lower than Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 with OpenGL support and video memory of at least 4G, depending on the computational grid dimension and resolution;

Special requirements include write-access to the user's home directory for the software protected by local security key: open port 1947 and read-access to dedicated USB port.